Roman Amphitheater

Amman Theatre is one striking building in the midtown, dated to the Roman period. It was built in honor of Emperor Antoninus Pius (138-167 CE). The Theatre is divided into three horizontal sections, and could seat about 6000 people. The theatre has of two side gates and four in the front. Significantly the presence of a decorated niche in the upper section of the building, which used to host the statue of city god. It was a center for artistic concerts and sporting events.

The Odeon

It is located to the north-east of the Theatre. It is a small theatre (measuring 38 m in diameter), and built of two stories, and has 500 seats in 9 rows. It is dated to the beginning of the second century AD. Significantly is the stage which is richly decorated with friezes and niches.

The Nymphaeum

It is built at the junction of the Cardo and the Decumanus. The building consists of three stories and has three niches with smaller ones that were the place of keeping the statues. The Nymphaeum was heap above the (es- Sail of Amman) by building four vaults.

The Forum

It is located in front of the Odeon, has a rhombus form and surrounded by a set of columns from three sides. A Greek inscription showed that the forum might be dated to the second century CE, and built by the Roman ruler Quintus. An altar found in the Forum has Greek inscription which stressed on keeping the place clean.

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