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Nowadays, geospatial techniques play a vital role in cultural studies and tourism management through documentation, preservation, development and visualization of heritage sites. This website is one of the main project output that was entitled “Geospatial technologies for Heritage Sites Documentation and Promotion in Amman-Jordan”, which is supported by the Scientific Research Support Fund Grant number SOC1/2/16/2019).

This project aims at evaluating the outcomes using geospatial techniques combined with the 360-visualization technology in conservation and promotions of the heritage sites in Amman - Jordan. Actually, this website integrates the GIS facilities with the virtual 360 model of the cultural heritage sites in Amman for documentation, visualization and marketing of cultural heritage sites.

We focused on Amman, especially on its Citadel, Amman Theater, the Archaeological and Folklore museums, the traditional buildings of the city, its traditional markets and handicraft shops. Through this project, we targeted promoting and visualizing the cultural and heritage sites differently in order to regenerate the city, and also in order to raise its international profile and to enhance its touristic image.
The visitors of our website shall have the opportunity to explore the virtual tourism wonders of Amman-Jordan by navigating through our extensive library of virtual tours and 360 – photos. The website gives to its viewers a practical information about the history and significance of each location, which enables them, to plan your future real visit to Jordan, and to discover the beauty of Jordan with the highest quality virtual tourism experience. We encourage you to join us on this journey of discovery and explore the wonders of Amman-Jordan from the comfort of your own Place.

Finally, we express our great thanks to the Scientific Research Support Fund – Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - for supporting this project financially, to the Deanship of Scientific Research in the University of Jordan, and to the Department of Antiquities for facilitating the field visit in different antiquities sites. In addition, we would like to express our great thanks for the scientific and research team members for their contribution in the scientific and fieldwork input.
Team Leader: Prof. Zeyad Makhamreh – University of Jordan
  • Jordan University - Amman - Jordan

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