Byzantine Oil Press - Abdoun image
At the site of Abdoun, a press and integrated agricultural facilities for the production of olive oil were discovered. The archaeological remains indicate that the press consisted of an upper floor. The press is built of untrimmed limestone but some details such as the lintels, arches, thresholds and door frames were found. The press includes inter- linked rooms that are roofed with the aid of arches and have white mosaic floors. Some rooms included small basins, some of them were two meters in depth. The press also consisted of a circular basin with a dimensions of about 1.90 cm and a height of 70 cm, a millstone made of limestone (91 cm in diameter and 45 cm in thickness), which was intended for the crushing process.
In addition, two grooved piers with mortises dedicated to placing a wooden board between the piers,  a press bed  cut in the rock contains a circular groove at the end of which flows into a vat  measuring about 60 cm x 60 cm and a depth of one meter to collect  the oil.
To the northwest of the Press, two small chapels not contemporary to the press were found.

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